A 2 Yeard Child Forms an Unbreakable Friendship with a Deaf Puppy.


When adopting a dog, many families seek the ideal animal. They search for characteristics such as responsiveness, playfulness, and need for attention in a new puppy.

However, what about the canines that may be deemed imperfect? Moz, a deaf dog, was fortunate to be adopted by a loving family willing to provide him with all the care he would ever require.

Without the ability to respond to verbal commands, Moz and his adoptive father confront some unique obstacles. As adoption specialists always seek to place dogs in excellent families, he was uncertain of Moz’s placement.

As a result of being cared for and trained by the other adopted canines, Moz is able to learn many things, and his hearing is hardly a problem. Especially when a two-year-old girl captures his eye during his regular walks.

Lillian, a two-year-old girl, not only adores canines, but she has a particular fondness for calm and gentle ones like Moz. This connection was unbreakable from the instant it was formed.

After being entrusted with Moz’s care for two weeks, Lillian’s relationship with him grew stronger. They became inseparable after discovering novel means of communication with him.

Moz was entrusted to Lillian and her family as a member of their household following his final vaccination. With Lillian by his side, there is no doubt that Moz has a bright future ahead of him.

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