“A Heartwarming Journey: How a Special Needs Puppy Overcame Challenges with the Help of Her Foster Mom Who Rescued Cats”

November 28 marked an exceptional milestone for a unique and remarkable puppy named Sasha. The cute little pup celebrated her 12 week birthday, and it was an event worth celebrating. While most puppies may not notice when they turn three months old, it’s a significant achievement for Sasha. She was born with several health complications, including hydrocephalus, cleft lip, and cleft palate. Despite all odds, Sasha continues to thrive and make progress each day, making every moment precious and special.

From the moment Sasha was born, she has been receiving excellent care from Marie DeMarco, a rescuer who specializes in cats with special needs. Marie runs FURRR 911, which stands for Felines Urgently Rescued, Rehabilitated, and Rehomed. She takes care of cats that are sick, injured, or have special requirements, and she even bottle-feeds kittens who have been orphaned. Marie refers to these circumstances as “perfectly flawed.”

Upon seeing Sasha, the woman was certain that the pup would easily adapt to her surroundings, despite being a dog. In a Facebook post, DeMarco described how Sasha had been a fighter from the start, having overcome numerous challenges in her short life. As her foster mom, DeMarco had experienced worry, stress, and sleepless nights, but all of it faded away when she looked into Sasha’s eyes. Sasha had recently recovered from a severe illness, and although she was still small, weighing just over two pounds, it was a reason for celebration. Unfortunately, like many cleft palate puppies, Sasha had also suffered from an upper respiratory infection.

Sasha was experiencing several health issues such as fever, congestion, vomiting, infected eye and weight loss. It was a matter of concern for her caregiver, DeMarco, as Sasha’s weight was already a little over a pound. Despite antibiotic treatment, Sasha did not show any significant improvement which made DeMarco more anxious. She thought that these problems might be due to hydrocephalus and immediately took Sasha back to the neurologist. Following the specialist’s guidance and adhering to a strict daily routine of drugs, fluids and tube feedings, Sasha began to recover gradually. By the time Sasha turned twelve weeks old, she was back to being her playful, snuggly self. DeMarco, who was Sasha’s foster mother, is most likely to adopt her permanently. Sasha is known to be a calm and composed puppy who loves to sit beside or on top of DeMarco’s feet.

In addition to being a fan of snuggling with her feline buddies, Sasha doesn’t mind getting cozy with other rescued animals, regardless of their size. You can see how adorable she is in this video: [insert link].
Although her future prospects are uncertain and challenging, Sasha is fortunate to have plenty of affection, dedication, and encouragement from those around her.

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