A Heartwarming Tale of a Border Collie and a Tiger Cub’s Unlikely Friendship

A Border Collie and an adorable tiger cub have formed an unbreakable bond and are now the best of friends.

Solo, a border collie with tricolor fur, has formed an unexpected bond with an orphaned tiger cub. They are inseparable and do everything together, from resting to feeding and playing. In fact, they even share the same food container and groom each other. It is heartwarming to see such a unique friendship between two different species.

Solo, a Border Collie, formed an unlikely friendship when he took in an abandoned baby tiger cub that was brought to the Seaview Lion Park in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. The two became best buddies and have struck up an inseparable bond.

The bond between Solo, a faithful dog, and a fierce tiger cub is unbreakable as they love to play together all the time. Ashley Gombert, a game ranger from Port Elizabeth, South Africa, discovered their friendship when he spotted them frolicking in a lagoon. Ever since then, he has let them be inseparable, and even let them ride along with him in his Jeep on trips to the city. According to Ashley, Solo acts like an older brother to all the tiger cubs, but this one in particular never leaves his side. They share food from the same container and enjoy playing in the water. Riding in the back of the Jeep and traveling to the city is something they all enjoy.

Ashley Gombert witnessed the duo’s friendship when they were playing in the water and drying off afterwards.

Solo and his furry companion, the tiger cub, are inseparable travel buddies, accompanying each other on all their adventures, even riding in the vehicle’s rear seat.

At present, Solo is bigger than his companion who is only eight months old. But Ashley mentioned that they will soon be of similar size. However, something of note is that Solo’s Border Collie instincts come into play from time to time. In such instances, he tries to control or herd the tigers when they don’t listen to him. Despite this, it shows that Solo has a soft and caring side too. He takes care of the tigers by grooming them and ensuring that they have everything they need. The tiger cub was an orphan, along with three other siblings and was brought to Ashley’s Sea View Game and Wildlife Park. The cub loves nothing more than play-fighting with his new best friend. It’s a common myth that cats don’t like water, but this duo can often be seen splashing around in one of the park’s many lakes which cover an area of 120 hectares.

As Solo leaps away, the tiger cub struggles to keep up with him and match his energy.

As they frolic in the wildlife reserve, Solo quickly captures a snapshot of the adorable tiger cub who has unfortunately been left alone without its mother.

Solo, who has spent his life in the reserve surrounded by tigers, has become their closest companion and is skilled at managing them.

Seaview Lion Park’s owner, Ashley Gombert, shares an adorable moment with Solo, a lion, and his companion, an orphaned eight-month-old pup.

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