A Heartwarming Tale of Two Girls Bringing Joy to a Terminally Ill Dog in its Final Months


Sarah Launch and Kelly Michael have come to the rescue of a dog named Roosevelt who was diagnosed with terminal bone cancer. They took him from the Chicago Animal Care and Control center to give him a happy life for the remaining six months. Although they don’t know much about the first five years of his life, they are determined to make the next few months amazing for him. Sarah, an executive producer at Comcast, was contacted by her friend Kelly and together they decided to foster Roosevelt, who is also known as Roo. They sensed that something was wrong before receiving the news of his terminal diagnosis. Despite this, they remain positive and resolved to make the best of the time they have left with him.

The duo created a bucket list for their furry friend and documented his final days on camera, sharing their journey on social media with the hashtag #LiveLikeRoo to inspire other dog owners to embark on unforgettable adventures with their pets. They went above and beyond to fulfill all of his last wishes, such as treating him to therapeutic massages, indulging in his love for Taco Bell, and spoiling him with his favorite treat – ice cream.

Roo was taken to Tastee Freeze for some delicious ice cream, went trekking in Starved Rock State Park and even indulged in meat, although Kelly was hesitant about it. Despite all this, Roo seemed to be in good health and was very active during the trip. During the trek in Starved Rock, he led the way and eagerly looked for ways to forge ahead of the pack. It was hard to believe that he was unwell because he displayed no signs of weakness.

According to reports, the story of Roo has become a sensation across the country, attracting significant attention. Lauch stated that their only desire is for people to be familiar with Roo’s story. Many have been motivated by the duo to take their furry friends on more adventures and to make the most out of every day. Lauch also mentioned that while people often assume that she is upset, her dog Roo can sense emotions accurately.

It remains uncertain how much longer Roo will be with them, so they are enjoying each moment as it comes. Lauch shared that Roo is unaware of his fate, and they try their best to fulfill his every desire. While the inevitable end will be challenging, they choose not to dwell on it for the time being.

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