Alien Eggs on Earth: A Terrifying Encounter with the Unexplained

Pictures of hundreds of eggs resembling the frightful Xenomorph species from the movie “Alien: Covenant” have gone viral on Japanese social media. Despite their eeriness, these photos are not to be taken seriously. Fans of the “Alien” series may recall lead actress Sigourney Weaver breaking Xenomorph eggs, evoking goosebumps and thrills. However, these pictures are simply of cabbage plants in their early stages during springtime, where the outer leaves have rotted, giving the vegetable a peculiar look. A Japanese farmer posted these images on Twitter, drawing immense attention from netizens.

The picture resembles an extraterrestrial landscape filled with hundreds of eggs belonging to the frightening Xenomorph species seen in the movie “Alien: Covenant”. Due to a plentiful vegetable harvest last year and an exceptionally mild winter, hot pot consumption decreased in Japan. As a result, many farmers neglected to harvest their cabbage crops and allowed them to die, serving as organic fertilizer. The freezing winter nights caused the outer layers of the vegetables to wilt, creating a peculiar visual.

Agricultural enthusiast stumbled upon peculiar eggs that looked like those from the famous sci-fi movie, Alien. The farmer then decided to share photos of the eggs on his Twitter feed, which surprisingly piqued the interest of social media users.

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