“Compassionate Friends Shower Love on Elderly Labrador Mix Rescued from Texas Shelter and Pamper Her with TLC”

Annie, the dog who is currently 19 years old, seems to be as happy and jolly as she has ever been!

However, it wasn’t always this way for the Labrador retriever mix. In fact, her previous owner abandoned her at a Dallas Animal Services facility during the summer. Upon arrival, veterinarians estimated that Annie’s life expectancy was only one month. Determined to ensure that Annie’s final days were spent in a loving environment, Dallas Animal Services shared her story on social media and encouraged animal lovers to consider fostering her. After coming across Annie’s post on Dallas Animal Services, Lauren Siler, a business analyst, knew that she had to find a way to bring her home. “We have to get her,” exclaimed Lisa, Siler’s roommate and best friend, upon seeing Annie’s photo which Siler had shared with her.

Siler and her pal Lisa Flores reached out to Dallas Animal Services expressing their desire to foster an elderly dog named Annie. The shelter recommended them to The Pawerful Rescue, who were responsible for taking care of Annie until a foster was found. Siler mentioned that the rescue center was transparent about the pooch’s illness, and they expected Annie to only live for a month.

Siler and Flores weren’t intimidated by the limited time frame that Annie had set. They had met while working at an elementary school five years ago and decided to foster the Lab mix and give her the best possible month of her life. To make sure Annie was happy, loved, and comfortable every day, they made a list of things for her to experience.

Lisa and I adopted her in late June, with the intention of having her stay with us for just a month. However, Siler came up with an interesting idea: to make a bucket list. Our initial plan included just a few activities like taking a car trip, going for a swim, throwing her a birthday party, and celebrating Christmas in July. But as we progressed, the list continued to grow with more exciting things to do, says Siler.

As July ended, Flores and Siler noticed that Annie wasn’t ready to leave them yet. To document their adventures with her, they continued to post pictures on the Instagram account @dallasanimalfoster. They’ve done many exciting things together such as painting, cooking, making dog treats, throwing baby showers, going on a hamburger tour and so much more. Annie has accumulated over 19,000 fans who love following her journey. She’s defied the odds and surpassed her vet’s expectations. She’s still living her best life with her foster family today, despite being given only one more month to live in June. Annie knew she was living the good life as soon as she arrived at Flores and Siler’s home. They’ve been spoiling her rotten, satisfying her every whim, taking her on extravagant adventures, and providing her with a luxurious environment for as long as she stays with them.

Annie enjoys her leisure time by sleeping, taking bathroom breaks, and receiving mail. She gets ecstatic when she receives packages containing fan letters and smiles broadly. Siler has even recorded her “smile” and posted it on Instagram. When Annie is hungry, she does a happy dance. Siler and Flores hope that Annie’s puppy-like qualities will inspire people to adopt older rescue animals. They strongly advocate for fostering these animals because they are often put down due to overcrowding in shelters. Siler believes that senior dogs like Annie have sacrificed so much and deserve to live out their remaining years with love and care. As long as Annie is able, her bucket list will continue. Check out her latest adventures on Instagram @dallasanimalfoster.

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