Discover the Fascinating Village of “Humanoid” on Italy’s Mountain Top

Pio Andrea Peri, who is 32 years old, captured a fascinating photo of the historic Centuripe village using a drone. The image was shared on Peri’s social media account.

Using a drone, a man named Pio Andrea Peri, aged 32, has captured stunning and one-of-a-kind aerial photos of an ancient village located in a town in Italy.

Pio Andrea Peri is a 32-year-old resident of Giardini Naxos, Sicily who came across the ancient village of Centuripe while browsing on Google Earth. Fascinated by what he saw, he hit upon the idea of using a drone to capture the entire area from above. He subsequently made his way to the village and began snapping away.

Centuripe, an old-fashioned town with approximately 5,000 residents, can be found on a hill in the Enna province and is situated near the famous Etna volcano. The town’s height of 730m above sea level provides it with a strategic position that is halfway between Catania and Enna. The Italian military general, Giuseppe Garibaldi, once referred to Centuripe as the “balcony of Sicily” due to its elevated location.

Dating back to the sixteenth century, the village has a charming layout that was once renowned for its scenic alleys. It’s divided into different sections, with winding staircases leading down to the valley. From the village, you can marvel at the stunning Mount Etna in the distance and be captivated by the panoramic views of the beautiful countryside surrounding it.

When it comes to the origin story of these images, Pio Andrea Peri has quite the tale to tell. Upon stumbling upon an unusual formation on Google Earth, the 32-year-old made the journey to Centuripe, an ancient village, to capture a photograph of it all. Prior to the shoot, Pio meticulously researched the geography and weather patterns of the area to ensure that the wind wouldn’t interfere with his plans. He utilized a drone to snap the images, flying it approximately 40 miles into the air (that’s more than 64,000 meters!).

Pio Andrea Peri captured a fascinating image of the historic town of Centuripe in Italy. The photo reveals what appears to be a humanoid figure with four elongated flares extending in different directions, resembling arms and legs. A shorter fifth flare completes the image, resembling an animal’s beginning. Peri described the challenge of capturing the scene due to drone altitude limitations, requiring multiple attempts and techniques to achieve the final result.

A fascinating discovery has been made in Italy as an ancient village was photographed from above, revealing a figure that looks like a human. The photo, which was shared on Pio Andrea Peri’s Instagram page on January 3, has attracted significant attention and has been compared to various things by netizens, including a man, a pentagram, a bird with outstretched wings, and Leonardo da Vinci’s Vitruvian character. Despite the unique quality of the photo, some people remain skeptical about its authenticity. Before the photo went viral, the mayor of Centuripe invited Peri to display his collection of stunning photographs in an exhibition.

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