Discovering the Secrets of the World’s Most Isolated Home

This tiny house has gained worldwide attention as the most isolated dwelling on earth, causing a lot of rumors and conjectures. Yet, what is the real story and background of this solitary abode?

Chances are high that you may have stumbled upon popular images of the petite house located on the isolated Elliðaeƴ Island, situated in the southern region of Iceland. This dwelling is commonly referred to as the “ideal home for introverts” or the “most secluded house globally,” and rightfully so.

Numerous speculations have surfaced regarding the owner and history of the small house over the years. Some rumors suggest that it was constructed by a billionaire as a safe haven in the event of a zombie apocalypse, while others argue that it is not real and merely the creation of a skilled Photoshop user. There are even those who believe that the famous Icelandic singer, Björk, owns it, despite the fact that the Icelandic prime minister offered her free residency on a separate island. However, none of these theories are remotely accurate when it comes to the true story behind the tiny house.

Do you know who owns this house? Back in the 1700s, Elliðaeƴ Island was home to five families who lived in humble huts and made a living from fishing and raising cattle on the island’s grassy fields. Fast forward to the 1930s, and all of the island’s inhabitants had departed, leaving only puffins and seals to call it home.

The island of Elliðaey appears to be unoccupied at present. Credit goes to @hOrdur for the captured image.

Access to the house is limited to boat travel, provided that the weather permits. The Icelandic waters are known to be dangerous and can get as cold as 0.6°C (33°F). Additionally, there are no stairs leading up to the house, which means visitors must ascend the steep cliffs of the island. Interestingly, every tool and building material used in the construction of the house had to be manually transported up the island by hand.

Despite its age, the house on the island is still in use and boasts a sauna. It was even featured in a 2017 YouTube video where the content creator showcased the lodge’s interior during their trip to the island.

Numerous articles have claimed that the lodge on Elliðaey Island lacks electricity and indoor plumbing, but upon closer inspection of the video footage, it is evident that there are electrical wiring and sockets present. It’s possible that the lodge may have been without power at one point, but it seems to have been rectified since then. It should be noted that neither a billionaire nor Björk own the island, and tourism appears to be the primary purpose of Elliðaey presently. Tour companies even offer trips to the island for those who wish to see the world’s loneliest house in person, as per The Mirror article.

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