“Flying a Shelter Dog 400 Miles: A Pilot’s Heartwarming Journey to Give Her a Home in Her Final Days”

According to medical professionals, the woman’s life expectancy was limited to a few weeks. As a result, a pilot took it upon themselves to transport her over 400 miles to be with her loving adoptive family during her last moments.

Ashlyn, an old dog at a North Carolina shelter, was dealing with severe health issues and needed a suitable home to spend her last days. Fortunately, the New England Humane Society (NEHS) found a home for her, but she needed transportation to get there. To help Ashlyn, Paul Steklenski, founder of the Flying Fur Animal Rescue (FFAR), decided to fly her on his plane. As he flew with Ashlyn, he felt melancholy knowing that this could be her final flight. Although Steklenski frequently transports needy puppies, his heart especially goes out to elderly dogs like Ashlyn. He mentioned that these dogs are the ones where he truly empathizes with their struggles and challenges.

Ashlyn was feeling anxious about the two-hour journey ahead of her. Steklenski noticed that she seemed distant initially, but as he started giving her dog treats, she gradually warmed up and became more affectionate. Eventually, she even rested her head on his lap, which meant a lot to him. For Steklenski, this was the ultimate reward, and it made him realize how important his hobby of flying and his love for animals were interconnected. He had adopted a dog at the same time he took up flying in 2013, and while these two things seemed unrelated at first, they quickly became linked. As he spent more time with his dog, he began to notice how many animals needed homes, and this inspired him to use his flying hobby to help them. He started visiting pet stores and shelters, and he soon realized how many needy animals there were in shelters. From then on, he decided to use his passion and expertise to make a difference in their lives.

If it weren’t for him, Ashlyn wouldn’t be in the position she is in now. Although the first thought was to take her to the hospital, those who rescued her are now thinking she may have more time than they initially thought due to her remarkable recovery. Tracy Lander, a devoted dog fosterer for Northeast Animal Rescue, was devastated by Ashlyn’s condition when they first met at the airport. The poor dog had lost a shocking 39 pounds, and her ideal weight should be between 65 to 70 pounds. Ashlyn was wearing a sweater at the time, but when Lander removed it, the extent of Ashlyn’s weight loss became visible as every rib was noticeable. Lander began feeding Ashlyn three times a day while also administering vitamins to support her with various health issues – from skin problems caused by chemical burns to various cancers. As a result, Ashlyn began slowly changing for the better. She is now more active and is eating well, and most of all, she loves Lander.

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