“Goose wakes up her furry companion in the most amusing way possible – Watch the video here!”


When the owner introduced her bull terrier, Nino to a young goose, she was unsure if they would get along. But to her surprise, the goose began following Nino around within a few minutes. Nino, on the other hand, welcomed Rillette as his own and acted as a protective big brother towards her. He always kept a watchful eye on Rillette, ensuring her safety at all times. The owner gave the goose the name Rillette and built her a cozy wooden house in the open yard, which she loved. Nino would often join Rillette outside her enclosure, and the two animals would communicate in their unique way. Rillette would make cute noises while Nino wagged his tail in response, making for a heartwarming sight.


Nino is a well-behaved canine, although his owner never witnessed him being so tender and gentle towards anyone else. Nino has a special bond with Rillette, whom he treasures dearly. The two make perfect companions and enjoy each other’s company immensely.

Despite growing up, Nino and Rillette have not outgrown their fondness for one another. Every morning, Nino wakes his owner up to let him outside to meet Rillette. As soon as Rillette’s little house opens, Nino becomes ecstatic and starts playing around. He chases after Rillette, and she does the same. Their playfulness lasts for hours until Nino finally gets tired and wants to rest.


After a tiring playtime, Nino dozes off but the mischievous Rillette refuses to leave him alone. She keeps walking over him and playing pranks on him repeatedly, which is quite amusing to witness. Additionally, Rillette has this habit of gently pinching and kissing Nino, which he adores. The owner couldn’t be happier to see the bond between the two growing stronger every day. Whenever in need of support and company, Nino and Rillette turn to each other.

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