Heartwarming Footage Reveals the Unbreakable Bond between a Pooch and a Human Infant Brother

A heartwarming movie showcases the beautiful bond that formed between a charming dog and his human baby sibling. Whitney Parks, aged 37 and residing in Boston, shared that her adorable Golden Retriever named Hinckley, who was often mistaken for her expected baby Theodore due in October 2020, was initially brought home as a new playmate for him.

The moment Theodore Parks arrived, Hinckley, the one-year-old Golden Retriever, instantly became his loyal companion. They now do everything together – from snuggling to taking naps and even sharing meals. The bond between them has become inseparable, and it’s evident that they are meant to be best buddies for life.

According to Whitney, aged 37, Hinckley was used to being the focus of attention for a long time. So, when Theodore was brought home, he assumed that the little one was another toy for him to play with. Whitney also shared a picture of Theodore with his dad, Rob, and Hinckley. She further added that during the first few nights, Hinckley kept a close watch over Theodore while he slept.

According to Whitney, a communications professional, Hinckley displays a strong desire to be a part of every activity that involves Theodore, proving the age-old adage that dogs are truly human’s best companions. She recounted how Hinckley initially thought that Teddy was a gift for him, given the amount of attention he had been receiving from their family for a year.

In the beginning, Hinckley would keep a close eye on Teddy as he slept in his cradle. It was clear that he was amazed by every little movement that the baby made. However, after a short while, Hinckley realized that Teddy was here to stay and that he wasn’t just a passing toy. From that moment on, Hinckley became absolutely fixated on the little one and insisted on being present for all of Teddy’s activities. When it came time for tummy time, Hinckley and Teddy would often curl up together on the couch or on the floor.

Whitney revealed that it took Hinckley some time to come to terms with the fact that Theodore was here to stay. She also shared that Hinckley has developed an intense attachment to Theodore and wants to be involved in every aspect of his life. The pictures show Hinckley bonding with Baby Theodore.

According to Whitney, Theodore and Hinckley enjoy snuggling during “tummy time” on either the couch or the floor. The picture shows Hinckley and Baby Theodore together. Whitney mentioned that Hinckley is present at every feeding, with Teddy on her left and Hinckley on her right. This bonding time is cherished by all three of them. Whitney also shares that sometimes when she isn’t looking, Hinckley will sneak away with Teddy’s burp towel, which is amusing to her. Whitney is grateful that Theodore will have a four-legged older brother like Hinckley to watch over him as he grows up.

While feeding her babies, Whitney shared that Theodore usually sits on her left side while Hinckley is on her right. This is a special moment for them to bond with each other. In the video clip, Hinckley can be seen taking away Theodore’s dirty burp cloth, which makes Whitney chuckle. She expressed how she feels watching her two children together; her heart melts from seeing how Hinckley is playing the role of a protective big brother to his little sister. Whitney just can’t get enough of these precious moments.

At the moment, Hinckley is uncertain about Teddy’s identity, but he realizes that Teddy is significant and needs to watch over him. Whitney eagerly anticipates the time when Teddy and Hinckley can develop a strong bond and embark on countless exciting journeys as great buddies. While discussing how Hinckley has taken on the responsibility of looking after his younger sibling, Whitney confesses that her heart melts. A snapshot of Theodore and Hinckley is included in the article.

According to Whitney, Hinckley is unsure of Teddy’s nature but knows that he needs to be vigilant. The images depict Hinckley and Theodore. Whitney is thrilled about the prospect of Theodore interacting more closely with Hinckley and enjoying excursions together. The pictures portray Hinckley and Baby Theodore.

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