Injured Pit Bull Receives a Sweet Treat from McDonald’s

It’s heartwarming to see how far some folks will go to express their love for their rescued pooches. Lucky Dog Refuge CT has an incredible tale to tell!


Jessica stumbled upon a pit bull that was huddled up in the woods, and she wasn’t confident that the dog would survive. The poor canine was emaciated, had visible injuries, and required urgent attention. Through the help of food, Jessica managed to lure the pit bull into her vehicle, and with the assistance of her team, they rescued the dog. Due to Halo’s fragile condition and reluctance to trust humans, Jessica was uncertain about what fate awaited the pit bull. Jessica gave the pit bull the name Halo.


Halo’s condition started improving after receiving antibiotic treatment from the veterinarian. She began eating well and slowly gaining weight, which was surprising given her initial emaciated state upon rescue. Despite her rescuers noticing that Halo had visual impairments, they were not aware of her complete blindness until the vet confirmed it. Due to this, it was challenging for them to take her out for walks initially, but as Halo developed trust in her caretakers, she began experiencing happiness for the first time.


Halo has acclimatized herself well to her new environment and has developed trust towards the other dogs and humans around her. Despite the traumatic incidents she faced in the past, it’s delightful to witness an elderly Pitbull like Halo being able to construct a new life for herself. Her most cherished thing in the world is consuming ice cream cones from McDonald’s, and honestly, who can blame her? After enduring mistreatment during her formative years, it’s only fair for Halo to indulge in her preferred treats.


Here’s another fantastic video that showcases the charming personalities of Pit Bulls. Despite being misunderstood, these dogs are incredibly affectionate and sociable. They’re not just meant to be fighting dogs! These pups, just like any other breed, deserve happiness and love in their lives. We’re thrilled that Halo has found a new sanctuary after all that she’s been through. A big thank you to Lucky Dog Refuge CT for their tireless efforts in helping Halo and her journey. Don’t forget to share this heartwarming story with your loved ones! Take a peek at the video below.

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