Introducing Cornelius Cornbread: An Adorable Feline with Distinctive White Eyebrows

Kona, the lovable dog has taken over Instagram with her adorable pictures and videos posted by her owner. Adding to her charm, Kona’s owners decided to take care of two little kittens named Chester and Blair who were discovered in a New York City backyard in December last year, and were only 10-12 weeks old.

Considering the circumstances and the fact that Kona had been without kittens for about three days before Chester and Blair arrived, it was inevitable that the three of them would bond, as Kona was determined and knew exactly what each kitten required. Bored Panda contacted Asa, Kona’s owner, to learn more about the situation. The complete interview with her can be found by scrolling down! Asa, Kona’s owner, is well-known for fostering numerous cats and dogs over the years and has found permanent homes for over 164 animals. We were intrigued to learn why Asa began fostering animals in the first place, given her track record of success.

Being a foster parent to animals is my way of expressing gratitude to them. Since I grew up with three dogs, which eventually became four at one point, my love for canines has been constant. Due to my broken family, I have always relied on my furry friends for solace, and they have never let me down. My childhood was filled with joyous moments because of them, and I knew that I had to give something back to these amazing creatures. Thus, fostering became my way of showing appreciation.
We were intrigued to know more about Kona’s decision to extend her motherly instincts to other animals, and she explained how it came naturally. In the beginning, when she met her first foster kitten, she was excited but treated her like a friend. However, as she fostered more puppies and kittens, she developed a liking for a babysitter role, and eventually, she embraced the role of a mama.

Unexpectedly, the two kittens rescued by local animal rescuers turned out to be very timid and scared of people, causing difficulty in handling them. However, Asa noticed that Kona, Blair, and Chester share a unique bond, and when asked about it, she expressed that Kona has a magical touch that draws the reserved and undersocialized kittens towards her. Although socializing with the kittens has been a slow process for Asa, Kona’s presence has helped ease their transition into their new environment. Fostering numerous animals daily is not an easy task, and Asa revealed that it can be emotionally, physically, and financially draining. The primary challenge of fostering is the emotional aspect, and saying goodbye to the foster animals often feels like a bad breakup, especially when there is a stronger bond between them. Asa has even cried for two weeks straight over some of her foster animals.

While fostering kittens and dogs can be a daunting task, it is also extremely fulfilling. According to Asa, the best part of fostering animals is witnessing their growth and development. Each animal has its own unique story, and it’s truly rewarding to be there to see them open up and learn to trust people. Although fostering can be challenging, it’s important to embrace the process and remember that saying goodbye to an animal is bittersweet. However, receiving updates from their adopters and watching them grow up on social media is a great joy. Recently, two shy kittens were brought into Asa’s home and were immediately welcomed by Kona, Asa’s dog. With Kona’s love and support, the kittens slowly became more confident and even started interacting with Asa. The progress they made in just one week would not have been possible without Kona’s help. Now, the three of them are inseparable and enjoy cuddling together.

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