Living on the Edge: The Riskiest Residences on the Planet

The world is a fascinating yet bizarre place, filled with peculiar behaviors and practices. With the help of the internet, we are exposed to the curious ways of the human race. One of the most captivating things humans do is construct homes. Although building houses is not an uncommon activity, it is the choice of location for these homes that often leaves people bewildered.

If given a choice, where would you want to construct your home – in the city, countryside, or somewhere in between? I’m pretty sure none of you would choose to build it in a cramped space between two towering apartment buildings. Or perhaps you might consider living in a desert? It might sound strange, but such scenarios actually exist in reality.

It is common for people to have no control over where they live, but it is interesting to note that some refer to these places as their “home.” It’s hard to imagine feeling at ease when polar bears are lurking just outside your window or being confined to a single room for decades. Despite these circumstances, some people still find comfort in calling it home.

This compilation showcases 15 of the most perilous locations where individuals have chosen to build their homes. The selection is a curious mix, ranging from the eccentric to the precarious and even bizarre. What motivates these individuals to make such decisions? Why do they subject themselves to danger? Furthermore, what compels them to stay? The decision to reside in such places ultimately rests with the individual. If your locality happens to feature on this list, it may be a good idea to reconsider your living arrangements as it could potentially pose a considerable risk.


The credit goes to Pinterest for this awe-inspiring collection of images showcasing natural wonders. These images are truly unique and beautiful, representing the magical landscapes on our planet.

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