Loving Pair Rescues Senior Dogs from Shelters with Big Hearts and Open Arms

Chris and Mariesa Hughes are a dog-loving couple who have provided 19 dogs a new lease on life by adopting them all at once. They are committed to taking care of these dogs, even if they are rehomed, by covering their veterinary expenses. The couple is passionate about offering senior and special needs dogs a better life and has successfully saved over 600 of them.

A pair of dog-loving individuals created an enormous sleeping space to accommodate their numerous furry friends. Their mission is to provide support to canines that have been abandoned and left without any prospects. They have over a dozen dogs living with them in their home, and they go out of their way to ensure that their living arrangements are comfortable. Chris and Mariesa founded a non-profit organization known as the Mr. Mo Project, which assists dogs in finding caring homes and paying for their medical bills for the duration of their lives. Although Chris was born in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, he moved to the US when he was only three years old.

When Chris and Mariesa first crossed paths, they were already proud owners of six and two dogs, respectively. Together, their furry family numbered eight, but that didn’t deter them from continuing to rescue more pups. Mariesa, age 40, shared with TeamDogs that her passion for rescuing dogs began at a young age, as she rescued her first pup from the streets at just nine years old. Chris shared the same love for saving dogs.

At present, the two individuals are dedicated to rescuing dogs with specific skills and finding suitable homes for them. Even though they have jobs that keep them busy full time, they remain committed to covering the canines’ medical expenses as well.

The concept behind the Mr. Mo initiative stems from the personal experience of its founder, Chris, who lost his beloved dog Moses to an unfortunate spinal cord cancer. Moses was a senior Pittie who was surrendered to a shelter because of his old age. After spending 22 months with him, Chris came face-to-face with the financial burden that comes with taking care of an aging and ill dog. Therefore, he decided to make a difference by finding loving homes for other senior canines while covering all their medical expenses. The goal is to provide these dogs with a comfortable life in their golden years, where they can enjoy the company of caring owners who cannot afford the added cost of vet bills.

Chris and Mariesa are frequently approached by shelters because of their unique mission to care for special needs dogs. They specialize in adopting sick or medically challenged pups and those that others are unable to take on due to financial constraints. To support their admirable initiative, the couple devotes a significant amount of time to fundraising efforts. In fact, they spent a remarkable $700,000 (£508,536) on veterinary care alone last year.

According to Chris, their organization receives calls from shelters seeking help for dogs in need. They take in these dogs and provide them with all the necessary medical attention. Their ultimate goal is to find them permanent foster homes where they can live happily for the rest of their lives. However, it is their responsibility to continue providing medical care for these dogs throughout their lives. The couple’s home is equipped with everything necessary for the dogs to live comfortably. They have a spacious walled garden where the dogs are free to run around, as well as individual kennels with their names on them. They also offer hydrotherapy treadmill and laser treatment machine to help with any joint or wound issues.

According to Chris, their dogs have unique needs, and it’s more affordable to take care of them in their home. Feeding time is a bit crazy and usually lasts about half an hour as some of their dogs require hand-feeding due to missing teeth or bottom jaws, while others can be food aggressive, and many have different diets. Additionally, they have several elderly dogs, including a 22-year-old Chihuahua and a 20-year-old Pug, which makes caring for all 19 dogs a challenge due to their different ages, breeds, and health problems. Marieas agrees that it can be hectic and untidy, but it’s also gratifying to see the progress their dogs have made and how loved they are. Despite the challenges, they remain passionate about what they do and are open to taking in more dogs if necessary.

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