Purrfect End to Cat Rescues Named After “Succession” Characters.

The Roys, a litter of four adorable kittens named after characters from the hit TV show Succession, have an exciting update to share. In April 2022, these little lions were discovered at a shelter in Los Angeles by foster parent Pie Chiu when they were just two days old. Given their fragile state, they required constant bottle feeding to survive, which their foster parents diligently provided. Despite the challenges they faced early on, these determined little fighters are now flourishing. The Roys โ€“ Roman, Kendall, Shiv (short for Siobhan), and Connor โ€“ have captured hearts with their feisty personalities and undeniable cuteness. It’s almost too cute to be true! Shiv, who shares her namesake’s determination and ferocity, makes for a perfect season finale. But we’re eagerly awaiting what’s next for these amazing little lions!

The Roys kittens, Lil Foster Babes, Succession

It’s been a while since we last shared an update, and we’re excited to report that our lion cubs, the Roys, have grown into gorgeous and lively babies. It’s amazing how quickly they’re developing! One of the highlights of July was seeing Kendall and Roman, who have become good friends and are hoping to find a forever home together. We can hardly get enough of watching them play and socialize with each other. They truly brighten up our days and we’re eager to see what other shenanigans they’ll bring us soon.


Chiu mentioned that these cute kittens are not just charming but also highly loving. They relish being embraced, snuggled, and stroked, and particularly enjoy receiving gentle strokes on their tummies. In general, they are the most endearing and tender-hearted kittens you’ll ever encounter.

Kendall and Roman in a cat bed, The Roys, Succession

Kendall and Roman were beyond delighted with their precious foster child, Connor, whose playful demeanor never failed to elicit smiles from them. Chiu, the foster agency representative, shared their sentiments and commended Connor’s innate ability to bring joy and his irresistibly huggable nature, making him an ideal companion for anyone seeking furry company.

Connor the kitten looking silly in a cat bed

Meet Connor, a mischievous kitty who had a buddy named Shiv. Shiv had the ability to metamorphose into a magnificent social butterfly. She thrived on being the center of attention and enjoyed all the fuss. Shiv was an irresistible feline who yearned for a human companion and would start each day with enthusiastic meows and loads of affection.



Shiv the kitten looking up

The mischievous Roys were up for some fun and decided to play hide-and-seek with their human. The whole scenario was like a thrilling finale of Succession Kittens. Eventually, in the month of September, Connor, one of the Roys, got adopted by a caring family and established an immediate bond with his new feline companion. As soon as Connor reached his forever home, he displayed his warm and friendly nature by lying down in his carrier, completely relaxed and trusting. Within no time, he won over his new family with his affectionate and cuddly personality.



The Roys, kitten named Connor goes home to new human family

Connor, a cute kitten who had a hard time finding comfort in the past, is now living the good life by enjoying luxurious and cozy things. The days of him worrying about the harsh environment of the animal shelter are long gone as he now enjoys warmth and comfort.

Connor the kitten by the fire

After a brief period, Kendall and Roman, who had undergone a significant transformation, eventually found a place to reside. They gave their new dwelling endearing titles of Hamilton (Kendall) and Huckleberry (Roman).


The furry companions are receiving lots of love and attention in their present home. Their caretakers spoil them by frequently whipping up homemade treats just for them.


Their fondness for their cherished blanket and stuffed monkey remains unwavering, as they express their happiness with loud and satisfied purrs. They also find immense pleasure in getting a drink of water straight from the faucet.


Snuggling up with my folks is simply the most delightful activity that I thoroughly enjoy!



Kendall and Roman in their forever home on a comfy chair

These two boys hold a special place in my heart that is hard to describe. Seeing them so happy with their perfect family brings me immense happiness and a feeling of fulfillment. It’s an honor to be able to witness their lives filled with joy and contentment.

Kendall and Roman forever home, The Roys, Succession, Lil Foster Babes

These two brothers, similar to their sibling Connor, have no worries anymore.

Kendall and Roman on a colorful blanket

At last, Shiv has found a forever home with Dolly Pawton, who was once a foster kitten from Baby Kitten Rescue. The new family is dedicated to giving their furry friends the best possible care, which is why they decided to adopt not only Shiv but also Kale, now known as Dolly Pawton.


The concept was to guarantee that they constantly had each other’s back.


These two lucky girls have hit the jackpot with parents who absolutely adore them and shower them with love and affection. In just a day, they formed a deep connection that has resulted in nothing but positive outcomes.

Shiv and Dolly Pawton at home, kittens sleeping on a chair, Lil Foster Babe, Los Angeles

Lil Foster Babes shared an absolutely cute video that captures the Roy’s journey while they were in foster care. The clip beautifully highlights their development and improvement over time.


Hello folks, can you imagine that the iPhone recorded a touching video of the Succession infants on their Foster Dad’s mobile during this summer? It has deeply touched me and brought tears to my eyes.





I have had the pleasure of raising Kendall, Roman, Connor, and Shiv since they were just two-day-old kittens. These furry friends of mine were always looking for cuddles and attention from their human companion, and they were never afraid to explore and have fun as long as I was there with them. It fills me with delight to report that all of them have found permanent and loving homes, where they are treasured and cared for. It’s truly heartwarming to see how devoted they are to their new families, and I couldn’t be happier knowing that they are thriving in their new environments.






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