Rescuing a Stranded Canine from a Deluge with Kindness in Our Hearts


A little dog was found struggling in the water, close to drowning in a nearby river. She had been there for almost an hour and was absolutely frightened, yet she was determined to hold on. Fortunately, a rescue team made it just in time to save her.

Bringing the Unfortunate Creature to the Animal Hospital

After some time, the poor creature was brought to a vet clinic where it was discovered that she had a massive lump beneath her stomach due to the distress caused by her heartbreak.

“Rescuing this khan khun is truly an incredible undertaking!” Let’s take a look at the progress of the surgery and recovery.

The surgery was a success and the tumor has been removed. Right now, she is in good hands and is being taken care of by a trusted veterinarian.

Remember to include her in your prayers and spread awareness about her story!

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