Surprising Discovery: Owner Uncovers Cat’s Unexpectedly Amusing Talent!

Meet Keys, the charismatic tuxedo cat with an amazing talent that never fails to bring happiness not only to his loved ones but also to everyone who sees him in action. He’s lovingly known as the “Goal kitty.”


It’s pretty funny how Peter Mares stumbled upon his furry friend’s quirky skill. One morning, the Californian pet owner noticed his pooch raise her paws up in the air as if she was stretching. In a flash, he whipped out his camera to snap a photo of the amusing sight. The next day, the dog repeated the trick and was given a tasty treat as a reward. Now, Peter says that his beloved pet even recognizes the camera and strikes the hilarious ‘goal hands’ pose whenever she sees it.


When Keys receives a treat, her owner says a magical phrase that makes her very excited. The words are “I know what you want” and when Keys hears them, she raises her paws and takes on a special stance. Her owner even shared with Huffington Post that whenever he says the phrase and takes out his camera, Keys poses for a photo.


After Keys’ pictures gained widespread attention on the internet, many people began using their photoshop expertise to incorporate her quirky poses into humorous situations. This only added to Keys’ growing popularity.


Her level of dedication and passion is comparable to that of a talented goalkeeper striving to block an approaching ball. It’s absolutely admirable!


Keys never fails to put a grin on the faces of her followers on Instagram through her cute goalie paws.




It would be great if FIFA selected keys as their official mascot! We can help by spreading the news and sharing it with our friends. 😊

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