The Astonishing Life of a 200-Year-Old Saguaro: An Unanticipated Tale

It’s quite a surprise to discover that the giant saguaro tree is already 200 years old. Imagine walking through a vast collection of cactus plants, some of which can grow up to 8 feet tall. It’s definitely an experience worth having.

Tierra Blanca’s desert terrain boasts a spectacular attraction in the form of a massive cacti sanctuary. The biznaga, commonly known as “big barrel cactus,” grows to an astounding 8 feet in height and 5 feet in diameter, making for a well-deserved wonder of Guanajuato. A guided walk through the sanctuary allows visitors to marvel at the unusually large specimens of the biznaga, which is an unforgettable experience.

The folks living in Arroyo Seco, Tierra Blanca have come together to arrange guided tours around the area. The place boasts of rare biznaga cacti as well as numerous other plants in vibrant colors. They also make use of some of these plants’ medicinal and beautifying properties to create body creams, soaps, and candies.

As we make our way up Cerro Mbodo, whose name in Otomí means “the land of abundant stones,” our guide shares knowledge about the various plants we encounter along the way. We come across a variety of unique specimens, including Ruda, yellow flower, wild arnica, and oregano, before reaching the ultimate attraction of the hike: towering cacti that resemble grandiose green sculptures.

Before Visiting

To enter, expect to pay an entrance fee of approximately 50 pesos. This location is classified as a semi-desert, so it’s best to wear comfortable clothing in light colors and also bring along sunglasses or a hat as well as a bottle of water. It’s not recommended to wear shoes or sandals with soft soles and while walking, be cautious to avoid any harm to the local flora and fauna as well as potential injury from loose thorns.

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