“The Majestic ‘Eye of the Earth’ Lake: A Surreal Oasis You Won’t Forget”

In the midst of a breathtakingly pristine landscape lies a stunning emerald lake. The Cetina Lake, also known as The Eye of the Earth, is a natural wonder of Croatia that showcases the beauty of Mother Nature. This particular body of water serves as the source of the Cetina River, which starts from a spring located in Milasevo, close to the small village called Cetina. Situated 7km north of Vrlika, it is considered as the most affluent watercourse in Dalmatia, flowing at the base of Dinara, which is the highest peak in Croatia.

A remarkable sight to behold, the river emerges from a cavernous hole that measures about 115 meters deep and 15 meters wide. The water is so pristine it serves as the primary drinking source for residents in the vicinity. Furthermore, the area is enveloped by quaint, time-honored villages that are steeped in rich historical and archaeological significance. Since 1972, the hydrological monument has been designated as a protected site. For those who relish nature, this is unquestionably a must-visit locale.

The crystal-clear waters of Cetina Lake are irresistible to both visitors and wildlife alike. The lake’s impressive depth makes it a popular spot for adventurous divers looking for an exciting underwater experience. In addition, the lake is home to a diverse range of plant and animal life, creating a unique and vibrant ecosystem.

The Cetina Lake boasts an icy cold water with a temperature of 7°C, in contrast to the scorching 40°C heat during summer. For those who dare to venture into its depths, a synthetic rubber diving suit is necessary. The crystal-clear waters offer tourists an opportunity to witness the dark, mysterious abyss beneath them, a view that will surely leave them mesmerized and shivering with excitement.

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