“The Pensive Pooch: Meet Madame Eyebrows, the Dog with a Perpetual Frown”

Her eyebrows are seriously over the top! Someone should totally create a calendar featuring her unique look.

Dogs are often seen having a blast in their everyday activities. Whether they’re out for a walk, exploring new scents or just hanging out with their human pals, many dogs seem to be in a perpetual state of happiness. However, not all pooches are in high spirits all the time. You might have heard of Grumpy Cat, the internet sensation featuring unhappy-looking animals. Well, meet Madam Eyebrows, the canine counterpart who always looks like she’s in a bad mood.

Meet Madam Eyebrows, the charismatic English Bulldog hailing from Germany. What sets her apart from the rest is her distinct feature of black markings right above her eyes that give the impression of a perpetually furrowed brow.

Madam Eyebrows has gained quite the following on the internet, thanks to her “resting bad mood face.” With her signature furrowed brows, this bulldog has become a star in her own right, even giving Grumpy Cat some competition. Her owner, Janina, explained that they named her after the unique marks above her eyes, which gave her a naturally melancholic expression. Despite not actually being in a bad mood, Madam Eyebrows certainly gives off that impression with her perpetually pensive look.

Madam Eyebrows is a friendly and happy dog, despite her sad-looking face. Her owners describe her as sociable, courteous, and vivacious. They enjoy dressing her up in flowery clothes that contrast with her expression. Despite her appearance, Madam Eyebrows has over 130K followers on Instagram who love following her adventures. When people play with her, her true happy personality shines through. A video of her on YouTube has nearly 600K views, and viewers cannot get enough of her cute appearance and lovely eyes. Madam Eyebrows is a joy to be around, and her owners are happy to share her happiness with others.

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