“TikTok Sensation: Adorable Three-Legged Pup Walks on Two Legs, Winning Hearts Everywhere”

It is commonly acknowledged that having a pet can bring joy and excitement into our mundane lives. Whether you prefer feline or canine companionship, owning a pet means having an entertaining and distinctive personality by your side. But, what type of personality quirks can we expect from our furry friends?

A popular internet sensation, especially on TikTok, is a three-legged dog called Dexter. He became famous for his unique habit, which he developed because of losing one of his front legs in a terrible accident. Dexter is a 6-year-old dog who learned to balance and walk skillfully on two legs, despite having only three legs. He lost one of his front legs due to getting hit by a car.

To prevent plagiarism, Bored Panda contacted Kentee, the proud owner of Dexter, to gather some additional information about this adorable pup.

Our furry friend joined our family as a puppy with paws and a wagging tail, all thanks to adoption. His birth month is April and he’s six years old now. Unfortunately, in March of 2016, he got into an accident involving a car.

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