Unlikely Besties: The Heartwarming Friendship between My Adopted Dogs and Ducklings

All of our dogs are rescues, including Pikelet who we rescued when he was only five weeks old and was going to be put down. But Pikelet is no ordinary dog; he has a unique talent for taking care of orphaned puppies and teaching them how to be proper dogs. Our furry family grew even more when we welcomed Patty Cakes, an adorable and wise bull-breed mix puppy. Recently, we had the opportunity to foster two baby ducklings from Wollongong Animal Rescue Network. We decided to name them Penguin Popinjay, and they are now around four weeks old. We plan to adopt them with Patty’s approval. Pikelet and Patty are thrilled to take care of their new feathered friends and enjoy doing daily activities like eating, sleeping, and playing together. Sometimes, we visit a nearby park where the dogs and ducks can run and play. On hot days, we take them to the harbour dog beach where they all love to swim and have fun. For more information, kindly check out our Facebook and Instagram pages.

We recently welcomed a sweet little pup into our family, and we named him Patty Cakes. He’s a special mix of bull breed, and even though he’s still quite young, he seems to have an old soul. His calm demeanor and wise presence are truly remarkable.

This time around, our fostering duties came with a delightful twist. We were entrusted to take care of two adorable ducklings who had tragically lost their mother.

Our cute little penguins, whom we lovingly call Penguin Popinjay, have recently celebrated their fourth week of existence.

Many people have expressed their desire to adopt them, and it looks like they will soon be rehomed to a new location that will become their permanent residence in just over a week.

Out of the blue, Patty decided to take care of these adorable little ones.

Consequently, he warmly accepted them and became responsible for their safety, earning a lovely moniker of Mr. Mom.

At first, Pikelet wasn’t too keen on having new visitors around. However, as time passed, he started to warm up to them and even developed a strong bond with a delightful group of ducklings.

Patty and Pikey display utmost commitment and eagerness in fulfilling their daily responsibilities of tending to their beloved birds.

Coming together as a collective, they relish in the pleasures of cuisine, pause for moments of respite, and engage in a plethora of recreational pursuits.

Every time we go to that place, we never forget to drop by the delightful canine beach nestled in the cozy harbor. It’s a perfect location to refresh ourselves on scorching summer afternoons.

Ever since gaining fame, this group has appeared in countless newspapers across the globe.

The joyous feelings that our family’s happiness and excitement bring us are simply incredible. It’s with great enthusiasm that we anticipate what the future has in store for us.

Four baby mice were in a precarious situation after stumbling upon a garbage heap coated in tar. The sticky material completely engulfed their small bodies, leaving only their little eyes able to move due to the thick layer of grime and dirt. It was a terrifying experience for the helpless litter, who found themselves trapped and struggling for survival.

Animal Aid Unlimited in India came to the aid of a dog that was trapped in asphalt after receiving a distress call. The dog’s cries were heard by humans who alerted the rescue team. Upon arrival, Animal Aid Unlimited found out that there were other dogs which were also stuck in tar, including a puppy covered in plastic waste and pebbles. The tar made the dogs feel anxious, confused, and in pain.

Two puppies were discovered trapped beneath a thick layer of tar, leaving only their eyes visible. However, the rescue team showed immense love and patience towards the distressed animals, ensuring their safety. The rescuers employed a careful approach, beginning with locating and transferring the two puppies to the local shelter. Despite being aware of the mother dog’s existence, it took them until the next day to locate her. The rescue team then dedicated themselves to the arduous task of removing the tar from the puppies’ bodies, which took hours to complete. One of the dogs was even wrapped in plastic garbage, further complicating the process. The volunteers from Animal Aid Unlimited paid meticulous attention to detail, using their hands to extract stones, sand, branches, and other debris from the puppies’ bodies. The tar had solidified, making the procedure even more challenging.

After the disposal of the solid waste, we enhanced the hygiene of the puppies by incorporating fat-eliminating agents into their washing routine. Although traces of the dangerous substance lingered on their fur, most of it was successfully removed.

Following the first rescue, two more children were discovered in similar or even more severe circumstances. One of them was covered not just in mud and rocks but also plastic waste. It took more than three days to extricate these youngsters.

The team worked non-stop for more than three days to take care of a group of exhausted and disheartened puppies. However, the atmosphere immediately changed when they added tar to the equation! The puppies were in dire need of some tender loving care as they had been affected by dangerous plastic, but after being cleaned up, they could finally receive affection and nourishment from their mom once again. Observing these lively pups recover from such a traumatic incident was heartening, even though they still had some tar marks on their fur. It’s wonderful to see that they’re now enjoying life with their devoted mother.

Wow, that was quite an unexpected and difficult operation to save lives, but fortunately, it had a happy ending. It’s important to spread the word about it!

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