Unwavering Rottweiler Lifeguard: Constantly on Duty to Rescue Family’s Infant from the Pool

Rottweilers are a breed known for their affectionate nature. It may come as a surprise to some, but numerous incidents have demonstrated their loving side. Despite their reputation as aggressive dogs, with the right training and socialization, they can become very loyal and gentle companions.

It’s truly remarkable how some dogs will go to great lengths to protect their owners once they establish a rapport with them. Despite common beliefs, Rottweilers can be raised with small children and be gentle around them. In fact, there are many Rottweiler dogs that are great with kids. A particular Rottweiler caught the internet’s attention when its owner SteelMonkeigh shared a video of the dog’s heroic actions. The video spread like wildfire and was watched by millions of people.

The video shows how a father had just taken his baby son out of his pool floaty and was holding him safely in the water. However, the family rottweiler, Leia, didn’t seem to like the idea of the baby being in the deep end of the swimming pool. Leia’s behavior showed that she believed it was not safe for the baby. She was protective of the little boy and gave him a comforting kiss. Leia then used her paw to grab the baby daddy’s hand and attempted to lead him towards the pool’s steps. Throughout the video, Leia acted like a lifeguard dog, exhibiting gentle behavior despite being an aggressive breed. Rottweilers have been used as guard dogs for centuries, so protection comes naturally to them. Leia knew her family well and did not want to risk the baby’s safety by letting him go into the deep pool.

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