Why This Dad Feels Comfortable Letting His Toddler Snuggle Up with a Loving Pit Bull

The pit bull breed is often subjected to unjust stereotypes that are not applicable to any other dog breed. For years, people have associated pit bulls with aggression and violence, unfairly branding them as naturally vicious.

The behavior of a dog is greatly influenced by its environment and upbringing. Just like any other species, pit bulls that are raised as pets tend to be friendly towards humans as well as other animals.

Despite its negative reputation, the breed has faced immense challenges, including being used in illegal dog fighting and struggling to find homes. They are mostly found in animal shelters. A father recently defended his dogs against criticism about their safety around his child. He bravely countered the accusations.

Take a look at the video below to see for yourself. Jarad Derochet is the proud owner of MVP Kennels, a breeding company that specializes in American Bully dogs. Despite the stereotypes surrounding pit bulls, Derochet confidently states that they can make fantastic pets and his social media pages are full of happy and friendly pit bulls.

He feels comfortable letting his dogs play with his young kids because he trusts them completely.

Jarad showed that pit bulls actually love snuggling with infants, despite the worries of those who oppose the breed’s behavior around babies.

Although many people found the pictures cute, some didn’t. There were those who thought Jarad was putting his son’s life in danger by allowing him to spend the night with a pit bull. Nevertheless, Jarad stood up for himself and his furry companions. He explained that his pit bulls were loving and gentle and would never harm his children. Jarad hopes that the lovely images and videos will change the way people view the breed.

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